Hey There! Let me help give you some styling ideas for your upcoming photo session. Styling is extremely important to amazing photographs. It's much more important than most people realize. That's why I've created this - to help you have the most incredible aesthetics to your priceless photographs.

The number one question that I get asked from clients is "What should we wear?"

As a mama and photo lover myself, I know the struggle and stress that planning everyone's wardrobe can bring. From scouring closets to realizing your favorite dress doesn't fit you like you remembered, to trying to color match, it can all be too much.

As a photographer for the last 7 years, I've found that most clients stress over what they're going to wear for photos. I want to take the stress off of my clients and others by making it easy for them to decide what to wear. I provide a client closet but there are times when clients want to buy their own clothes or at least a few pieces. I've spent hundreds of hours looking for the perfect clothes. Here are my Amazon favorites.

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