I'm Brandy Ohley and I am based in beautiful Spring Hill, Florida (Near Tampa). With a deep desire to capture genuine connection, my purpose is to put that into a still frame for you to treasure forever.

A bit about me...

About eight years ago, and after taking several vacations to Florida, we decided on a change of scenery for our family. Escaping winter was a huge plus and living by the beach is a fabulous perk!! With so many new family adventures on the horizon, it was the perfect time to buy my first big fancy camera. I had zero expectations to love it as much as I did. We sold everything possible, bought a 32' foot camper and headed to FL with our six kids at the time.

I documented everything! My camera began to go everywhere with me...Everywhere. I did everything but co-sleep with that thing!

I really started to grasp the fact that I was freezing moments in time and that is when...

...I fell in love. Crazy-mad in love.

I am a mother to seven children, who inspire me everyday to pursue my artistic passion. My creativity and passion for my life and art is at an all time high. I have been on a self love/discovery journey since May 2022. It has created a lot of difficult but positive changes in my life. I am in the process of being the best version of my self. It's a tough journey but an exhilarating one!

I love to cook and bake! It's the clean up that keeps me from doing it daily. Haha. I love being outdoors. In my opinion, there's no such thing as too many plants. I'm obsessed with the beach and the beautiful springs here in FL. I'm still learning to kayak correctly but love it! I'm always down for a good hike through some trails. I'm still blown away at the sunsets that we have here. I take advantage of watching them every chance that I get.

My top four bucket list states that I want to see are Oregon, Wyoming, Utah and Maine. I would travel cross country in a converted school bus or an RV full time if I could. The feeling of being so small in a great big beautiful world, takes my breath away. I get awestruck and covered in goosebumps every time that I visit a new state and experience its glorious sights. I could live in that feeling.

Family connections and real emotions are what fuel me. Our lifestyle sessions are about telling your story. Instead of posed portraits, I love photographing clients’ authentic moments. My goal is to gently direct my clients to bring out the best emotive moments and experiences. Traditional poses can always be incorporated upon request.

As an artist, my work is an extension of my soul and all of my heart goes into each session. I feel extremely fortunate that I get to photograph life and the wonderful, diverse humans that fill it.